About Us

"Bringing a Fresh Vision of Nutrition to Buda" -- That's the vision that owners Jeremy & Melissa de Alcalas¬° hoped to bring to their community when they opened "Green Space, TX -- Natural Foods + Juices" in July of 2017. The vintage food trailer would become "Buda's Homegrown Juicery," the first of its kind to offer cold-pressed juices, real-fruit smoothies, and natural, healthy foods to the area.
At Green Space, TX, our goal is two-fold: to create awareness around the benefits of adding nutritious plant-foods to your diet, and to increase access to healthy food options in the community. We work with consultants in the field of nutrition and dietetics to ensure our juice recipes meet the nutritional standards that you expect, and we source organic and local at every opportunity.
Green Space, TX believes that the sustainability and strength of our community starts by actively engaging in the local Food System. That's why we work with local farmers and suppliers -- a healthy local economy will in turn promote a healthy community. We also believe that it is our responsibility to play a role in reducing our impact on our planet -- our cups, straws, and to-go containers are made from 100% plant-based renewable resources and are certified compostable. And we believe that stewardship to our community defines our character as a company -- this is why we work with local schools, non-profits, and other organizations, to promote health, leadership, and a positive role in our community. We are Green Space, TX and we would be honored to serve you!