General Info for Ordering:

We require 48 hrs notice so that we may properly prepare your cleanse. Your order will be ready for pickup/delivery the night before you start cleansing, so that you may begin first thing the next morning. Due to the shelf life of unpasteurized cold-pressed juice, orders for more than 3 days may require multiple pickups.

1. Pick a start date, begin modifying your diet for 1-3 days

2. Choose your daily cleanse package:

ESSENTIAL: 5 Juices Daily - $35
PLUS (Essential + 1 Starry Night) - $42
NEXT LEVEL (Essential + Bone Broth) - $44

A juice cleanse is a great way for your body to rid itself of toxins and achieve other health goals. All of our juice recipes have been designed with health and nutrition in mind. Student-consultants from the Texas State University nutrition & dietetics program helped design our juice menu, and placed an emphasis on a well-balanced approach to nutrition, and delicious flavor combinations. Because the safety of our customers is our top priority, we encourage anyone interested in a cleanse to speak with a physician first to ensure a cleanse is a good fit.

3. Choose a number of days to cleanse:

Preparing for Your Cleanse:

It is important to modify your diet immediately before and after the cleanse. Doing so will maximize detoxification and minimize any possible side effects from the cleanse. You should avoid animal proteins, dairy, refined sugar, refined flour, nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol for 1-3 days prior to the cleanse. After the cleanse, you will need to do the same in order to acclimate to resuming a diet of solid foods. Eat light meals, including soups and salads, and other similar items, to prepare your body for the transition. Get proper sleep before and during the cleanse, and don't plan on any strenuous activity until you have acclimated to the cleanse. Purchase coconut water and natural/organic bone broth (or veggie broth), one 16 oz. serving per day of each. We also recommended you purchase caffeine free herbal tea, at least 2 flavors (peppermint works well for the morning and chamomile is great at bedtime).

During the Cleanse:

Be prepared for some possible side effects during the detox process - fatigue, dizziness, nausea, increased or decreased bowel movements, and mild headaches are all possible side effects. If you feel you must have caffeine, we recommend green tea or yerba mate. Be prepared to stay close to the potty!

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